Hello, Dragon Knight Chess Friends!

During the 12 days of Dragon Knight Chessmas, we are holding daily chess tournaments with a separate blitz tournament immediately afterwards. Maybe we won’t quite manage to have exactly 12 days, but we will have fun trying!

New players are welcome, and new scholastic tournament players will receive a one year USCF membership by participating!


Group lessons start at 10:00am, and the regular tournament starts at 11:00am each day at:
The New School Montessori Center
5617 Sunset Lake Road
Holly Springs, NC 27540

Entry Fees

The cost per day of group lessons is $20. The cost per regular tournament is $20 with advance pre-registration, or $30 with onsite registration. (Please note that there is a separate entry fee for the 2pm blitz tournament.). Adults who play must have a current USCF membership which can be purchased via the link below.

Tournament Structure & Time Controls

The time control for sections mostly rated over 800 USCF is Game in 45 minutes, with a 15 second bonus increment per move (“G/45;+15”).
The time control for sections mostly rated under 800 USCF is Game in 25 minutes, with a 5 second delay per move (“G/25;d5”).
The adult top rated “cash” sections are “mini-Swisses” playing 2 games. Lower rated sections have more flexible schedules, with more than 2 games likely. All sections emphasize learning and fun!

Prize Structure

Sections are determined by rating and have 4 players each (Quad Setup). Masters play with free entry credit, with $20 subtracted from their prize.
Top Rated Section
Each day’s top rated section awards these cash prizes:
1st: $40
2nd: $27
3rd: $13
Other Sections
For the other sections, 1st place wins a trophy, and 2nd place wins a medal.
All players who adequately record the moves in their tournament games receive a keychain chess piece.

Blitz Tournaments

Recommended for adults ages 16 and up regardless of rating; and for all players with ratings of at least 600.

  • 10 round Swiss system
  • Rounds start 2:00pm/ASAP
  • Estimated end 4:00 – 4:30pm
  • Game in 3 minutes, with 2 second bonus increment per move
  • Prizes (based on 8 entries): $70 – 40 – 30 – 20
  • Entry fee: $20 online in advance; $30 onsite. (Please note that there is a separate entry fee for the regular 11am tournament.)
  • USCF rated. Adult players must have current USCF membership.
  • Free entry to Masters ($20 subtracted from prize)


Join us by clicking on the registration button to play in our Chessmas tournaments! You can either register once for all of Chessmas, or submit a registration form each day you wish to attend.